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Preventative Dentistry and Periodontics

Preventative Dentistry and Periodontics

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Many people only choose to visit the dentist when something has gone wrong, and they need immediate dental care. At Maitland Dental Care, we encourage regular check-ups and continuous care, so that these emergency visits aren’t necessary. Essentially, we provide you with a comfortable, friendly environment – where you can ensure that your teeth and gums are always kept in optimum health.

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Our dental hygienist only wants to make sure that your teeth are clean and in great condition. Using a gentle mix of honesty and patience, we’ll clean your teeth and gums to prevent plaque and calculus build-up, cavities and other problems that may arise over time. With the right balance of regular check-ups and care, you won’t have to suffer through any discomfort when you come to our rooms. We understand the needs of your child, and purposefully create a warm and inviting environment to put them at ease for each visit. We offer teeth bleaching services with Zoom 2 for that extra special smile. We also make sports mouthguards to keep your teeth safe when you’re out on the sports field.

Periodontal is really just a technical term for gum treatment. It’s incredibly important to make sure that your gums are just as healthy as your teeth. Unfortunately, nearly 10% of the population will suffer from periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease.

Teeth become loose over time, as calculus builds up and pocketing of the gums occurs. Catching this early in conjunction with systematic treatment and care, can prevent the early loss of teeth. That’s why preventative dentistry and periodontal care are so vital to oral health.

Our Promise

  • Treat you with respect and understanding.
  • Listen and respond promptly, compassionately and constructively to all comments.
  • Exceed all requirements for safety and sterility within the practice.
  • Use only proven, safe and biocompatible materials and techniques.
  • Try to run on time wherever possible.
  • Invest constantly in acquiring new knowledge, skill and technology.

We Ask You

  • Arrive in good time for your appointments and, should you need to rearrange or cancel, please give at least 48 hours notice to avoid a charge.
  • Follow our instructions to care for your smile.
  • Attend review and maintenance appointments as advised.
  • Pay for treatments when requested; we accept cash, cheques and most major credit or debit cards. We also offer payment schemes should you wish to spread the cost of treatment.
  • Talk to us, let us know what you think of what we do; right and wrong.
  • Help our practice grow by recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues.
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